Hi everyone and welcome to Upload WP. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn this. To add a main menu and a top navigation menu, go to “new” click on “page”. Create a home page, click o “publish”. click on “add new”. These are the other pages for your business. This will be a gardener business. I will type in “Garden”, click “publish”. Then click on “add new”. We also want services. Click o “publish”. Add new. Then we want to have a contact page. Click on “publish”. This was for the menu, let’s add some pages for the top navigation menu, like an “about”-page. Click on “publish”. We have created the pages for the main menu and the top navigation menu.

Lets go to “appearance”. Click on “menus” Add a menu name “main menu”. This is for your eyes only. Go to “pages” , click on the pages you want to have in the main menu, home garden , services and contact. Click o “add to menu”. You can chance the positions, we want to have the “home” to be first, then we need to have it at the top. We want to have the garden next, services, and contact last. We have to choose menu, so, we want to have primary navigation menu. Go to “save menu”. We can go and have a look at the website. We have the home page and the garden services and contact . we also have this pages i the top navigation menu. To change this we go to “menus”. Click on “create a new menu”, name this “top navigation menu”. Click on “create menu”. Add the pages you want to have in the top navigation. Click on add to menu, choose the top navigation. Go to “save menu”.

Let’s go to the website. Now we only have the “about page in the top navigation menu. This is how you add a main menu and a top navigation menu. Up next we are going to change your site title and tagline, and also change the logo.