How to install Divi Theme on WordPress in 2019

To install Divi theme on your WordPress site you need to have an account on

Step 1. Log in to your account

Go to and log in to your account or create a new account if you don’t have one.

Install Divi Theme WordPress


Step 2.  Download Divi theme from Members Area

  1. Now click on Account in the menu and choose Account Details ( See image below)

Install Divi Theme 2019

2. Now choose Product Downloads

Download Divi Theme

3.  Now click on the button Download them Divi Theme

Download Divi Theme

4. You will now download a Zip-file of the Divi Theme

Download Divi Theme Zip-file

5. Done! Now we go over to your WordPress website



Log into your WordPress site and go to admin panel

1. Go to Appearance in the left sidebar and click on Themes.

Install Divi theme in WordPress admin panel 2019

2. Now click on Add new next to Themes.

How to upload Divi Theme on WordPress 2019

3.  Now click on the button Upload Theme next to Add Themes text.

Upload Divi theme 2019

4. Now click on the button Choose File to add our Divi Theme Zip-file.

Upload Divi theme with Zip-file

5. Now choose the file and click on the button Open.

Install Divi Theme from Zip-file 2019

6. Now click on the button Install Now

How to install Divi theme  zip.file on WordPress 2019

7. Now you can click on Live Preview or to Activate the Divi theme right away.

Activate Divi Theme WordPress

That’s it good luck with your new Website using Divi.

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