In this Instagram tutorial on how to repost on Instagram we are using messenger app to do a repost using a bot called repost bot.

First you need to download messenger if you don’t have this on your phone. If you have an Iphone you need to use document 5 instead. This will work fine with an android phone.’

Step 1 is to search for Repost bot and click on the user.

How to repost on instagram

Step 2 Now you can go to Instagram and go tho the video or photo that you want to repost. Up in the top right corner you see three dots that you can click on. ( See image below )

Now choose the option share and the copy link.

How to repost photos on Instagram 2017

Step 3: Send a message to Repost bot with the link and you will get a message back where you can download the Instagram picture or video. You will also get a ready caption that you can use when you do your repost. (See images below)

How to repost videos on Instagram

how do you repost videos on instagram

Step 4: Now the photo or video will be save to your camera roll if you have an Iphone use document 5 instead to be able to repost on Instagram. Don’t forget to also copy the caption with will give credit to the original creator of the content.

Go over to Instagram and make a post as you would do when you upload your own content and paste the text to give credit. Add all the information and the hit share.

Okay I hope you did this with success.

✅ 👉 Watch how to repost videos and photos on Instagram on Youtube.