Hi everyone and welcome to Upload Wp. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn about this. To add widgets here in the sidebar we go to “widgets”. This is the sidebar on our website. We can delete all of these and start over from scratch. This is the available widgets for you in this Sahifa theme. You can choose one of these. Let’s say we want to have a calendar. Click on “calendar”, choose primary widget area. Click on “add widget”, you can choose a title , click on “save”.

Then we can make a costume menu, choose “primary widget area” click on “add widget”, choose a title, “Menu”, select your menu, we want to have the main menu. Then click on “save”. Let’s say we want to have a widget that doesn’t exist here. To do this , we can go to “plugins” click on “add new”. Let’s say we want to have a image widget . Go to the search bar, type in image “widget”, press enter. Choose a widget, you can go and see how many active installs this widget has, you can see their ratings, last update and if it’s ok with your WordPress theme, Click on “instal now”. Choose “activate plugin “. Go back to “appearence widgets”. Find the image widget, click on it, choose the “primary widget area”, click on “add widget”. Select an image, Go to “upload files”, go to “select files”.

Choose an image, click on “choose”, click on “insert to widget. Choose a title: “our services”, you can add text if you want. Then you can link this image if you want, choose the image size, we want to have medium, we want to have align in centre, now the image is medium. Click on “minimise the widget”, now we can move this around. If you want to have ehe image on the top you just place it on the top and you can drag the calendar to the bottom. Go to the website, now we have the image, the menu and the calendar. This is how you add widgets in the sidebar and also how you install a new widget. Up next we are going to add widgets in the footer, we are also going to add a widget with your contact information and we will also make your email to a link.