Hi everyone and welcome to upload WP. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn about this. To change your site title and tagline, go to “customise “, chose “site identity”, and here you can change your site title to “garden services” .hies describes what your site is all about. This is good for research engines and choose a tagline , Click on “save & publish”. Click on the “x”. now we have changed the site title and tagline.

Now we are going to change the logo. To do this go to “Sahifa theme options”, go dow to “header settings”, under this you can choose if you want to have a costume image logo or if you want to display your site title. We want to add a logo image. They recommend a max size of 190 pixels x 60 pixels. Click on “upload “. If you don’t have the logo join the media centre, just click no “select files”, choose the logo click on “choose”. The image is 190 x 190. Go to select, click “save changes”. Go to the website. We have our logo in the header. This is how you add a site titled a tagline, and also how you add a logo. Up next we are going to add widgets in the sidebar and show how you can install a new widget.