Hi Everyone and welcome to Upload WP. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn about this. This is the complete WordPress tutorial step by step. The course include: how to add logo, top navigation menu, main menu. How to create top categories. How to add social media inn top bar, in footer and also below the footer. How to add a contact page with an image, headline, text and a contact form. Also how you can create a post, add widgets in the sidebar an also install a new widget. How to add widgets in the footer. Create a contact information widget with a link to your email. We will also show how you can edit the copyright text and the “design by andrew waatz” text. The last thing I will show is how you can edit the theme color and the background color.

If you don’t have your own web hosting or domain I personally recommend bluehost.com. If you go to bluhost.com I will leave a link below. You can get your web hosting for 3,95/month. They are one of the best web hosting out there you will get a free domain, a free site builder, one click WordPress installer and 24/7 support. This is the overview of the tutorial Let’s start to build your website. We are going to use a theme called Sahifa. To use this go to Themeforest.net, I will leave a link below. This is the Sahifa theme. You can read about it then go to “buy now”, create an account and after that you go to your account name, go down to “downloads”. Choose “download”, click on “installable WordPress site only”.

Go to the folder where you have your downloads, right-click on the folder and click on “compress Sahifa” that makes us a Sahifa Zip-file. We need a Zip-file to upload the theme on WordPress. Go to your WordPress website. Click on “dashboard”, go down to “appereance” click on “themes”. Choose “add new”. Go to “choose file”, click on it. Choose the zip-file. Click on “install now”, click on “activate”. The new Sahifa theme is active.

Now we need to install some plugins. Click on “begin installing plugins. Choose all”. Click on “install” and click on ” apply”. Go to “return to required plugins installer”, choose all again. Click on”activate”, click on “apply”. The plugins are installed just go to the website. Now the Sahifa theme is installed on our website. This is how you find and upload a theme on WordPress. Yup next we are going to add a main menu and also top navigation menu ump here.