Ok now we want to add your contact information. To do this go to “widgets”. Choose the “text”-widget, choose “footer”-widget. Choose “Footer 1”, “add widget”. Type in your title. Here you can add your contact information: “Andrew Waatz””, “Kingstreet 44″, 545 USA.

Now we want to add a email. This email will be a link. So when your customer click on the link”email” they will come to their email program. I will paste a HTML- script. You will find this at my homepage at UploadWP.com. I will put a link to this HTML- script in the description.

In the HTML-script you will find is the text before the email and this is the email your costumers can email to so CHANGE THIS to your own. andrewwaatz@gmail.com and this is the text of the link so you can add the email as well. So they understand that this is the email. This is how you add your email., and if you want to the phone number.

To have this address lined up you have to type in this key-bord symbol: <br>. Copy it, paste it after the street address, and after the country and also after the HTML-script. Click on “save” Go to website. Now we have the contact widget in place. The title, the street address, the email and the phone number. When your visitors click on the email they will come to their email program, so they can contact you directly.

This is how you change your contact information in the footer. Up next we are going to add a post, in part 5.