First we want to add a site title and a Tagline. To do this go to “customise”, click on “site identity” and add a site title. This tells the search engines what your site is all about. This site is all about health, fruits and vegetables, click on “save” and “publish” click on “x”.

Now we want to add a logo in the header. To do this go to “theme panel”, choose “header”. Go down to “logo and favicon”. Here you will choose “logo upload”. They recommend a side of 272×90 pixels. Afforment of PNJ or JPJ. Click on “upload”. Go to “upload files”,”select files”.

Choose your logo and click on “choose”. The image is uploaded, if you look to the right, you will see that the image is way to big. We want to make this image smaller. Go to “edit image”. Here you can scale image. We want to have 272, click on “scale”, go down, click on “back”. “Insert to post”.

Now you will see your logo. Click on “save settings”. Go to your website. The logo is in the header. But now you also have the image in the footer. You also have text in the footer. To get rid of this you go to “theme panel”. Choose “footer”. Go to “style 9”. Click on “save settings”.

Go back to your website. Now is the image and text gone. This is how you add a site title and a tagline and also a logo in your header. Up next we are going to add your contact information in the footer, in part 4.