Now we are going to create a main menu. This main menu is going to end up here. We are also going to create a top navigation menu up here. To create a menu, go to “dashboard”. Go down to “pages”, click on “add new”. First we want to have a page called “home”. Choose “publish”. Click on “add new”. This site is about health so we want to have a page about fruit. Click on “publish”. Choose another one “add new”.

Now we want to have vegetables, click on “publish”. Add another one. This is about health. Click on “publish”. Now we are going to add a contact page. Click on “add new”. Type in “Contact”, click on “publish”. This is for the main menu. We are going to have a top navigation menu. Click on “add new”, “add new page”, type “About us”, click on “publish”. The pages are done. Now we are going to create a menu. Go to “appereance”, choose menus. This is where yo can create a menu. Type in menu name. This is the main menu. The name is only for you. Click on create menu.

Now we are going to add the pages. Click on view all. Choose the ones you want to have in the main men. We want to have “Home”, “contact”, “fruit”, “health” and “vegetable”. Click on “add menu”. We are going to use “home” as a static-page. You can move these around. We want to have the contact last, then we want to have health, fruits and vegetables. Choose the headder menu. Click on “save menu”. Go to the “home”-page. Now we see that we have the main menu. We want to have “home” as astatic-page.

To do this go to “dashboard”. Go down to “settings”, choose “reading” next to frontage displays, click on a “static page” choose “home” click on “save changes”. Go back to your website” Now is “home” the static- page. These are pages in the main menu. To add a top navigation menu, we go back to “dashboard” go down to “appearance” choose “menus”. Click on “create a new menu”, name the menu: “top navigation menu. Click on “create menu”.

In the top navigation menu we want to have the “about us”-page. Click on “about us” an add to menu. Go to menu setting, choose “top header menu” Click on “save menu”. If you want you can also have a footer menu. Just do the same thing  and click on save menu. Go to your homepage. Now we have the “about”-page. This is the top navigation menu.

Up next we are going to change the site title and the tagline for the search engine and add our logo in the header, in part 3.