This is a complete WordPress tutorial for beginners. The coarse include: how to add logo, main menu, top navigation menu, social media, contact page with a contact form, add a post with images, text, headlines, widgets the sidebar. How to install a new widget. Widgets in the footer. Contact information in the footer with email link. Copyright text with a copyright logo.

If you don’t have your own web hosting or domain, I personally use and recommend They have the best web hosting starting at 3.95/month. You get a free domain, free site builders, one click WordPress installer and 24/7 support. If you want to use blue host I will leave a link in the description.

Ok let’s log in to my account, click on “log in”. Add your username and password, click on “submit”. Click on log in to your site. Go to the website. The first thing you want to do is to install a theme. We are going to use use a theme called “Newspaper”. This is a newspaper from Theme forest. It’s a blog and magazine theme. It’s one of the bestsellers here on Theme forest. You can buy it for 59 dollars. This is a theme example. It’s a nice and clean magazine and blog theme. You can also choose fashion, tech, video, sport, classic blog travel or health.

Go to Theme forest. Make an account. Click on “add cart” and buy the theme.

After that you go to your profile. Go down to “downloads”. Find the “newspaper” theme. Click on downloads and choose the “installable WordPress file only”, click on that. Go to “downloads”. This is the theme folder, We want to have a zip-file. To use this theme in WordPress we have to compress it. Right-click on the folder. Go down to “compress newspaper”. We have a zip-file.

Now we can go to our WordPress site. Go to Dashboard. Go to “appearance”, choose “themes”. Click on “add new”, click on “add theme”. Choose file. Go to your “newspaper” zip-file. Click on “choose”. “Install now”. Click on “activate”.

This theme recommends to install visual composer. Go to “plugin installer”. This one “required”. Click on “install”. Go to return. And the “Slider Revolution”, “Woo Invoice”, “Woo Label” and “Social Counter” are optional for the newspaper theme. Let’s install these as well. Click on “return”. Click on “Install, “return”.

The invoice plugin and able plugin are for the Woo commerce plugin. Before they work you will have to install the WooCommerce. If you don’t going to use a shop in your WordPress site, you don’t have to install the Invoice plugin or the table plugin. Click on “return”. You will see that all the plugins are active and installed. Go to you website. Click on the “home”-icon. The new theme is installed and it looks like this.

Up next we are going to add a menu in the main menu bar, right here, and also in the top navigation menu, in part 2.