To add widgets in the sidebar and in the footer. We go to “widgets”. And here you have “available widgets”. You can choose one of these that you want to have in the side bar or in the footer. We want to have a calendar. Click on the calendar, choose “newspaper default”. This is the main sidebar. Click on “add widget”. Choose a title. Click on “save”, then we can choose “widget resent post”, click on “add widget”, choose a title.

We can choose how many post you are going to show . So we are going to show five we can also display post date. Click on “save”. Now we have the calendar and latest posts. If you don’t find the widget you want you have to install a plugin. To install a plugin, you go to “plugins”. Click on “add new”. In here you can find all the plugins you are going to need. You can go to “search plugins”. We want to have a image in the sidebar, so search for image. Here we see image widgets.

You can look at the ratings, how many active installs. This one have 400.000 active installs, so this one is a good one. You can also see if this is compatible with your version of WordPress, when it was last updated. This was five days ago. You can go to “more details”. Have a look at the screen shots. You can learn how to install it. Some other facts, other notes. You can read the reviews and if you want this plugin you can go to “install now”. Click on activate plugin. Go to “appearance”, “widgets”. Find the image widget. Click on “add to newspaper default”, “add widget”.

Now we are going to select an image. Upload files if you don’t have the image in the media library. Click on “select files”. We are going to use this image. Click on “insert to widget”. We have the image in place. Now we want to create a title. This is going to be “the crew”. I want to make this size smaller, so I will go down. Choose “size” click on “medium”. Like that. I want to have that align in the centre. Click on “save”. The image is smaller and we have the title “the crewe”. Then we can make this smaller. We want to have “the crew” at the top at the side bar, just click on “the crew” and drag it to the top.

Then we want to have the calendar at the bottom. Click on the calander and drag it to the bottom. Let’s go to the website and have a look. Now we have the widgets in the side bare . “The crew”-image, the latest post and the calendar. Let’s add widget in the footer as well. Go back to “widgets” choose a widget, we can add a custom menu,. We are going to have this in the footer too. Click on “add widget”. Choose a title: “menu”. Select menu. We want to have the top navigation menu. Click on “save”. Then go back to the website.

Go down and now we have the top navigation menu “about us”, The same as this one at the top. Ok I want to make a change, because I think this blog post is to big so I want to make them smaller. Go to “edit page”. Go down and choose “post loob settings” I want to have M11. Click on “update”. Go back to the website. This is a better template I think. You can also do the same with “categories”. This is to big. We go to “theme panel”. Choose “categoies”. Choose the same M11. Click on “save settings”. Go back to website. Have a look, now it is the same size.

This is how you add widgets in the sidebar and also how you install a new plugin and how you add widgets in the footer. Up next we rare going to add social media links, in part 7.