To add a post go to “new” click on “post”. Here you can create your post. Type in the headline. In the text area, type in your text. Now we want to have headlines. Headline 1, 2 and 3, this one “unripe mangoes”. To do this, type in the headline: Mango is a tropical fruit and high light the text. Click on “toolbar toggle”. Choose headline 1. Now we have headline nr 1. Do the same with the other headline. Make sure that you have a space between the headlines and the text. High light the text. Choose “heading 2”. Do the same thing with nr 3. Make sure that it is space between and choose “heading 3”. We have the headlines in place.

Now we are going to add your mage. To do this: choose in which row you want to have your image, we want to have it in the right corner, here. We are going to click to the left here, choose “add media”, “upload file”, “select files”. If you have more than one image you can take them all at once. Click on “choose”. Make sure to unbox the ones you don’t want to have right now. We want to have this one. Click on “insert to post”. Now we want to have this in the right corner. To do this click on the image, choose “line right” and the image will end up in the right corner. You can also choose “align centre” and “align left”. We want to add another image we want to have the image in centre, click to the left. Choose “add media”, choose “image” and “insert to post”, click on “image”, choose “align centre”. The images are in place. If you want to make them bigger or smaller, hold the mouse over the square and drag it, like that and make it smaller or bigger, like that and release. You have changed the size. Thats how you add images in your post.

You can also change the text or add links and other things in the menu bar here, you can play araound. If you want to have a bold text, highlight it and click on “bold” and the text will be bold. You can also make the text italic and the text will be italic. So we are satisfied with our post. Go to “add new “category”. This will be called: “tropical fruits”. Choose “add new category”. Make sure that the “tropical fruit” is checked in “categories”. Go down and set a “featured image”. Choose your image, “set featured image”. You will have this image as featured image. Go up click on publish. To have this new category in the menu you have to go to “appearance”, “menus” , choose “categories”. Click on “tropical fruits”, “add to menu” and drag the “tropical fruits”-category under the fruit. To have it in the fruit folder drag it to the right one step. Click on “save menu”.

Go to the web site. Now you see the category with tropical fruits. If you click on it you will com to the “tropical fruits”-post. Now we have this template of a mango. I want to change this. To change this go to “theme panel”. Click on “”categories”. Choose if you want to have one of the examples or click on “disable”, I will click on disable. Then we are going to choose “article display view”. I want to have, this one M12, then we go down and click on “save settings”. Go to your website an have a look. This looks much better. You can click on “read more” and this is your post, This is the featured image. Your text. Images and also some social sharing. Your visitors can also leave comments. This is how you set up a post.

If you go to home, you will see that the post will not end up here. To make the post end up here you have to “edit page”. Go to “templet”. Choose “page builder”, “latest articles and pegnation”. Go to the left and choose “post loop settings”, I will choose nr 12. Then go to “update”. Go to the website. You will see “latest articles”, you will also have the example post. To delete this, go to “dashboard”; “show post”. “Go to hello world”, and choose “trash”. Go back to the website and the hello example post is gone. This is how you add a post and create a category. Up next we are going to add widgets in the side bar and also extra widgets in the footer, in part 6.