Hi everyone and welcome. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this tutorial we are going to learn about this. In this youtube tutorial we are going to learn how to create a thumbnail. We want to change thumbnails no some of my videos. to do this, go to the right corner, click on the image. Go to “creator studio”. Click on “video manager”. Find the ones you want to change. We want to change this one: “Woo Commerce and Zoom Magnifier plugin”. Click on “edit”. Here we are going to change the thumbnail with “custom thumbnail”. You can see that the sizes they recommend is 2 megabyte maximum files. Image size of 1280×720, they support “jpg”, “gif”, “bmp” and “pnj” files. To create a thumbnail we go to pixlar.com. You can download the program or you can edit in the browser. Choose an image you want to edit. I have this image of me with a white screen. Choose one and click “open”. First of all we want to change the size. Go to “fast”, click on resize and unloock the respect ratio. We want to have 1280×720, click on “apply”. Now we have the right size. We want to have a farm around it. GO to border. I choose one of these, “deffault”. Click on on of these I will choose “pinstripes”. Click on “apply”. We have the frame, let’s have some text. WE want to have this text, copy this. Click on “type” and paste. First of all I will choose the “WooCommerce” text. Click on color, I want to have it black and you can make it bigger when dragging it like this and drop. Click on “apply”. Let’s add the rest of the text. Click on “type” past, delete the “WooCoomerce” part and the plugin. Choose the color. I will choose a blue color and make it bigger. Drop it where you want it, Click on “apply” and then you can add another text. Now I want the “plugin” text. Make it bigger and drop it, change the color if you want. I want to have orange. Click on “apply”. Now we have the thumbnail. Now we have to save it. Click on “file”, “save as”. Choose the text you have in the thumbnail, choose “jpg”, “gif” or one of the other formats. Click on “save”. Choose the image quality, I always choose 10. Click on Okay. Now is the thembnail done. you can add it to your video and this is how you create a thumbnail in Pixlar.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and we will see you in the next video. Okay everyone. I hope this helped. Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a comment, make a thumbs up. You can also visit my site Waatz.com, and we will see you in the next video. Take care, bye.