In this Twitter tutorial we are going to change the theme color. To do this login to your account. The theme colour in you twitter account is the tweet button links tweet background color and also the background colour of what’s happening. the home notification message bars and also if you click on a hashtag, the of the hash tag will be changed. When you change theme colour you go to your logo go down to “settings” in the left sidebar you will find “design” click on it. GO and find “theme colour”.

Click on the color and here you can choose the color you wantif I want orange. You will see that your tweet button will be orange/yellow/green/darker green/light blue/grey/red/pink/ or purple.

You will see it here. We want to have orangeIf you want a special colour just type it in here. Click on “save changes”. Now you have a new theme color. You will see that your links are changed color up here, the background behind the hashtag,. This is how you change your theme color in your twitters changed and also the tweet background color.