Hi everyone and welcome to Upload WP. My name is Andrew Waatz and in this WordPress tutorial we are going to learn about this. In this WordPress tutorial we will learn how you can add your Instagram feed on your website. To do tis go to your dashboard. Go down to “plugins”, go to “add new”. In the search bar type in “Instagram feed”. Choose the “Instagram feed by Smash Balloon”. Click on “install now”. Click on “activate plugin”. Go to Instagram feed. Click on “log in” and get “my access token”. Log in to your Instagram account, and if this is your first time you have to auctorise the Instagram feed. Then you will come to a specific page. Copy the access token, paste it in the user ID field. Save changes.

Go to “costumize”. Here we can costumes our Instagram feed. I want to have 100 % wide of the feed. I want to have newest to oldest. I want to have nine images and a row of three columns. Choose auto detect recommended. You can have a “load more”-button. You can change the text of it. You can also have this “follow us on Instagram”, you can change the text here”. Go down and click on “save changes”. Go to display your feed. Copy the short code. Go to “appearance”, “widgets”. Find the widget called “text”. Add the text widget to the side bar, choose a title. Add the short code in the content, click on “save”.

You can minimise the text widget and choose where you want to have your Instagram feed. I want to have it here, right below the social counter. Go to your website. Now we have the Instagram feed on our WordPress site. You have the title, your profile image, your profile description, your nine images and the “more photos”-button”, if you click here there will be more photos, and also “follow us on Instagram”. If you click on this you will come to your Instagram account.