In this WordPress tutorial we’re going to add your twitter feed in a widget. We are going to place the widget in the sidebar. The first thing we need to to is to go to your twitter account. Click on your logo next to the tweet button. Go down to “settings” and in the left sidebar you will find “widgets”, click on it. Go up, click on “create new”.

Make sure you have the right username. Choose options., “exclude replyes”. You can auto expand photos. You can also choose the hight, theme, light or dark. You can choose the link color. When you are ready, click on “create widget”. You can change this later on if you want.

Copy the code at the bottom. Go back to the WordPress site. Click on “dashboard.  Go down to “appeareance”, choose “widgets”. Find the widget called “text”. “Add widget”. Choose a title, follow us on twitter. Paste the HTML code. Click on “save”.

Click where you want to have the twitter feed. I want to have it here in the low image widget. Go to your website. Now we have the twitter feed on our website in the side bar. The twitter feed widget will have a title, the “follow” button, your latest tweets and also a “tweet” button- If you want to change your options you go back to your widget.

You can change the background theme to dark. Click on “save changes” Go back to your site. Click on “update”. Now we have a black background.