How to add WordPress Instagram feed to your WordPress site ,with a WordPress Instagram Plugin.

Perfect for you WordPress owner that want to get more followers on Instagram and also show your latest content on your WordPress site.


How to add Instgram feed

  1. So first please log in to your Instagram.
  2. Go back to your WordPress admin.
  3. Go down to plugins, add new.
  4. In the search bar, please type in Instagram
    and press enter. Choose Instagram Feed and please install now, click on activate plugin.
  5. Now you go down to Instagram feed and click on settings.
  6. You will have to authorize this Instagram widget so please enter authorize.
  7. So now you get this access token number, just copy that and paste the number
  8. Do the same with your user id, copy that and paste.
  9. Ok so then we go down
    to save changes.
  10. Next step is to customize your feed.
  11. So this is what options you can customize in your feed,
    your height of feed, and your background color.
  12. Customize your photos , customize your header.
    And some options are only for the pro version.
  13. Here you
    can add load more button, and follow on Instagram button.
  14. If you want you can add some custom CSS,
    or custom JavaScript so after this you just click on save changes.
  15. And go to display your feed.
  16. So now you want to copy this Instagram shortcode.
  17. And now we go to
    appearance and widgets. And find text widget, and add widget.
  18. So now you can just enter
    a title for your Instagram feed. And paste the Instagram shortcode. Click on save.


Now you should have your Instagram feed on your WordPress site.

Check out video on YouTube: WordPress Instagram plugin – Add Instagram feed